Every day should be Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my blog readers!

That said, I simply cannot understand (nor do I particularly like) this holiday.

Did you ever ask your mom, like Linus does in the Peanuts comics, why we have a Mother’s Day and Father’s Day but no children’s day? Lucy says that all adults have the same stock answer: “Every day is children’s day.” Voila! By that same logic, every day should be Valentine’s Day.

It’s not like you pick one day out of the year to be warm and loving (at least, I hope not). If you’re single, you don’t appreciate this sudden focus on couples; if you’re in a relationship, you have all this undue pressure to be romantic and . . . and buy stuff (eww!).

About multiculturalmarriage

I'm glad to be part of a multicultural marriage! I grew up in the U.S. but am married to an African husband. This makes life challenging, creative and cool - all at the same time!
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