Home remedies

Recently I had cause to regret that I had no nutmeg oil in the house.

Nutmeg oil? you might ask. Why in the world would you want nutmeg oil?

See, that’s one of the home remedies I grew up with. My mother would rub nutmeg oil much like Vicks onto our stomachs whenever we had “air in our tummies,” or pretty much any pain whatsoever around that sensitive region.

My husband had never heard of nutmeg oil, and that got me thinking. What other home remedies did you grow up with? Are they inherent in your culture or the social legacy you inherited from your parents? More importantly, did they work?

(Another home remedy we adopted is putting about 5-10 drops of hydrogen peroxide into our ears whenever we feel the inklings of a sore throat. You have to time it just right – before it’s metamorphosed into a full-blown cold – but if you catch it in time, it works wonders. Trust me! :))

About multiculturalmarriage

I'm glad to be part of a multicultural marriage! I grew up in the U.S. but am married to an African husband. This makes life challenging, creative and cool - all at the same time!
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