I suck at soccer

My husband grew up playing soccer, or football as it’s called in Africa. I didn’t know much about the sport until I married him, but I’ve been learning.

Today since it was so beautiful outside, he suggested we walk to a nearby grassy area and “practice” soccer. Practice because I couldn’t play even if you paid me. The amount doesn’t even matter – $10,000 or $1, it makes no difference.

I was fine with the idea. A short walk, healthy exercise – sounds wonderful, right?


“You’ll want to take off your flip-flops,” he said as he gave me the ball, then walked away.

I stood stupidly in the middle of the field.

“You mean … play barefoot?” I gasped.

He nodded. “Otherwise, you’ll destroy your flip-flops.”

Dubiously I shed my flip-flops, then felt the prickly grass under my feet. My childhood was not your average happy-go-lucky, outdoorsy one. Even at 6 years old I was typing stories on the computer and squinting in strong sunlight.

“Ooh, it feels sharp!” I observed. He didn’t even notice. His feet must be like armored leather.

We kicked the ball a couple of times, then I felt something sharp enter my big toe. A leaflike invader had poked into my flesh, and I plucked it out and threw it away. Then, to my horror, I noticed blood beginning to trickle out of my toe.

“Wait! I’m hurt!” I cried. He came over immediately and let me lean on him like a wounded veteran, while I brushed off the blood and tried to survey the damage.

“We’re going home so you can clean your foot,” he said. The game, if anyone was keeping score, had reached a grand total of five minutes. <sigh>

My toe is fine now, but I feel even more of a wimp than ever. I don’t think I would have lasted five minutes as a child in my husband’s home country!

About multiculturalmarriage

I'm glad to be part of a multicultural marriage! I grew up in the U.S. but am married to an African husband. This makes life challenging, creative and cool - all at the same time!
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4 Responses to I suck at soccer

  1. Ouch! I would recommend trying again, this time with tennis shoes or sneakers. I think you’ll find it much more comfortable and less prone to injury 🙂

    • Hehe! Yes, well, my husband is opposed to playing soccer with shoes or sneakers. He says it “ruins the shoes.” But don’t worry, I won’t be playing barefoot again any time soon. 🙂

      • John says:

        Haha, this story made me laugh. Oh my! I also bruised a great deal as a child playing soccer. You should probably just get the cheap soccer shoes at walmart or something. Beware though, soccer boots have a learning curve, so take it easy at first. 🙂

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