Growing up left-handed in a right-handed family

My Twitter feed led me to this article by Web Ink Now: Thinking Right (and Left) about Content Marketing. Here’s a section from the article:

Left-brain thinkers focus on the logical, rational, sequential, and analytical while right-brainers prefer more random, holistic, and free-associated approaches.

Psychologists say that left-brainers focus on words and numbers while right-brain people focus on visual images and patterns.

In our world of creating content for marketing purposes, one might say that left-brain people make logical deductions from information while right-brain thinkers prefer to make lateral associations from information.

The best websites, blogs, and social pages (Facebook and G+ for example) include a combination of text content, images, video and charts. Your goal is to create a mix so that people who are visual have an infographic or photo and those who are analytical might have text and numerical charts.

Now, I’m not a marketer by profession, but this resonated with me.  I grew up left-handed in a right-handed family, as if I weren’t weird enough!

Freestanding, big-picture ideas that seemed intuitive to me never occurred to my right-handed sister, but she beat me easily in her logical reasoning and deductive skills.

When I was little I used to bemoan my minority status, but now I’m glad for it. It gives me great rapport with other lefties, especially when we commiserate over the same things. “What?! You had to ask for a left-handed desk at the SAT exam too?” … and we are instant friends for life. 🙂

left hand

right hand

More than that, I can also understand and sympathize with right-handed people more.

Having grown up in a household where my sister, mother and father were very practical, task-oriented, time-sensitive individuals, I can see how much anguish is caused by showing up late to an appointment (something I confess I’m pretty good at doing).

I would also hazard a good guess that growing up left-handed groomed me for a multicultural marriage. It taught me to keep an open mind and revel in the differences as well as the similarities between people. Sometimes we are best complemented by our opposites.

And what do you know, my husband is right-handed. Maybe my time in a right-handed household served me well for such a time as this!

About multiculturalmarriage

I'm glad to be part of a multicultural marriage! I grew up in the U.S. but am married to an African husband. This makes life challenging, creative and cool - all at the same time!
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