Unable to see the bird’s nest for the trees

bird in nest - ClkerI’m so glad spring is in full swing. We’re able to spend more time outdoors, and I love venturing out in the car without needing to bring a winter coat.

My husband loves the extra sunlight, too. Having grown up in a place that has no snow, only a rainy season and a dry season, he usually finds winter difficult.

Today a serviceman came to inspect our house, and my husband accompanied him around the outside of our house. I stayed indoors to do some simple errands.

Soon afterward my husband came inside. “There’s a bird’s nest in one of our trees!” he announced.

“A bird’s nest?” I squealed. “Oooh! Can I see?”

He let me go first, and I hovered around the tree but couldn’t see a thing.

“Where is it?” I asked.

“If you follow my finger,” he said, pointing, “you can see it straight ahead.”

All I could see was foliage.

“Here,” he said, gently taking my head and directing my gaze, straight ahead. He was cheek to cheek with me at one point. I bent down, looked up, looked down, side to side.


“Where?” I repeated, squinting.

“There! Can’t you see a pair of eyes looking at us?”

Feeling a little queasy (you know when you sense someone’s looking at you while you haven’t seen who yet?), I searched for a pair of eyes. Still only trees and leaves.

“I can’t see it!” I said finally.

“But it’s right … there!”

Finally the serviceman came around, looking with mild interest at both of us huddled together on the driveway. (At this point I only had my husband’s word that the bird’s nest, let alone the bird, even existed.)

“Oh, we just saw this bird in the tree,” my husband said by way of explanation.

Without batting an eyelid, the serviceman turned, stared at the tree and … “Oh, I see it!” he exclaimed.

Mutter, mutter, mutter. I was not a happy camper at this point.

It took several attempts, and lots of good-natured teasing from my husband about my squinting, before I finally pinpointed the bird and nest.

It’s not the only thing I miss. I tend to be a very big-picture person, interested in grand cosmic patterns and trends, the kind of “If-a-tree-falls-in-a-forest” questions that can drive other people crazy.

Meanwhile, my husband amazes me with an attention to details that completely skip over my head.

How did we ever end up together?

About multiculturalmarriage

I'm glad to be part of a multicultural marriage! I grew up in the U.S. but am married to an African husband. This makes life challenging, creative and cool - all at the same time!
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