Welcome, baby daughter!

Multicultural Marriage - daughter

She’s finally here!

Friends, it’s official – our multicultural family has grown from 2 to 3!

Sorry for the long time in posting. I have been incredibly tardy in getting back to all of you with your questions of, “Have you had the baby yet?” and “How are you doing?” Having a baby, I’ve found, is hard work!

Our newborn daughter arrived several days ago. She has black hair (no surprise there), has a cute nose shaped just like her father’s (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!), and is unquestionably the most beautiful baby ever to grace the earth (in our unbiased opinion).

Your outpouring of love and support, both online and offline, has meant so much to us these last few days. We’ve come back from the hospital and are slowly adjusting to life, Jim, but not as we’ve ever known it!

She has definitely kept us on our toes with her constant needs for feeding, changing and snuggling. And because she is such a master manipulator, we jump adoringly to fulfill her every whim.

Hopefully in the next few weeks, I’ll have a little more time to process some of the multicultural aspects that I’ve found so fascinating about her birth. Just announcing the news to our different families was an education in itself. Then, too, the various cultural ways in which family members expressed their support. Nuclear family vs. “tribal” ways of caring for newborns.

Until then, though, I want to keep this short so y’all know we haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. We’ve just been (ahem!) a little busier than usual. Thanks again!

About multiculturalmarriage

I'm glad to be part of a multicultural marriage! I grew up in the U.S. but am married to an African husband. This makes life challenging, creative and cool - all at the same time!
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  1. Congratulations! Welcome to the world, little one!

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