injustice and brokenness

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she is salt & light

Injustice. What can we say about injustice? Injustice leaves bitterness in our hearts. A taste of rot in our mouths. It plants seeds of outrage that root deep in hidden parts of our minds and our hearts.

Wrongdoings have the power to make us feel as though we will inwardly explode from the burning, venomous ache for correction and justice to be served.

From that person who cut you off in traffic to the coworker who told a lie and cost you your job, we thirst for consequences that identify, crush and punish wrongs in ways that feel adequate to us.

It’s so natural. To want injustice obliterated. All wrongs made right. It’s also biblical.

tragedy: a universal language

Regardless of what you believe, most of us would agree our world is in bondage of some type of brokenness.

Even more of us can vouch for this brokenness firsthand.

It has so many…

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Protected: “Freedom from Choice” documentary

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An intruder in our home

We recently watched one of the TEDx Talks about Logan LaPlante, a then 13-year-old boy who does “hackschooling” and how that makes him happy. It led to an interesting discussion about how we want our baby daughter to grow up.

One other thing mentioned in the video, though, was Logan’s interaction with nature. He spends “one day a week outside all day.” In today’s supercharged, super-connected world, isn’t that interesting to think about?

Both my husband and I have lived in city-like surroundings for much of our lives. Drastically different surroundings, for sure – one was in Africa and the other in America – but it’s been a long time since we spent a day a week outside all day. Maybe a few minutes on a walk … maybe several hours in a car … but not often just alone, by ourselves, with nothing between us and the great outdoors.

So we’ve begun trying to introduce our daughter more to nature. It could be a morning walk, an afternoon look at flowers and trees, etc.

One afternoon my husband came in from the garage all excited. “Come with me!” he cried, scooping our baby into his arms. “You have to see these baby rabbits!” Continue reading

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The inherent power of faithfulness

silver ring

“… who is mighty as you are, O Lord, with your faithfulness all around you?” (Psalm 89:8 ESV, emphasis mine)

All too often, we think of faithfulness as weakness.

Someone stays in a dead-end job or abusive relationship because they think it’s all they’ve got, or they’re afraid of what may happen if they leave.

In other words, faithfulness becomes a euphemism for resignation. We think we have no other options.

Alternatively, we may think that perhaps we do have other options, but they’re even worse than our present position. “Better the devil you know …”

What about the other side of the spectrum, the people who do have power and have “made it” to the top of their professions or industries? Continue reading

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Guest post on Money-Saving Mom published

I’m on cloud nine at the moment! Crystal Paine of Money-Saving Mom fame, one of my favorite bloggers, has published my guest post, “8 Ways to Save Money on Your First Child.”

Please drop by and leave a comment or two. It’s been so neat to see all the feedback already. And be sure to subscribe to her updates if you’re a fanatic about saving money, like me. 🙂

Thanks so much, Crystal!

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How to practice ‘Baby-Led Weaning’

Baby-led weaning meal

A baby-led weaning dish in our household (when she was 6-9 months): salmon, celery and green beans!

If you’re the parent of young ‘uns and have heard of baby-led weaning (or don’t even know what that means, but it sounds interesting), I heartily recommend it. I only heard about it after my baby was born and managed to do some lightning research on it before she reached the weaning stage, and I’m so glad I did.

Now the baby is a year old – goodness me, how time has flown – and she’s a full-fledged BLW aficionado. She picks up tiny peas and quinoa grains between thumb and index finger, and joyfully wields spoons and other utensils.

At the core of the BLW approach is the idea that the baby knows how to wean gradually from milk to solid foods and that the parents should follow the baby’s lead, rather than vice versa. No purees and spoon-feeding, but just offer your baby appropriate portions of the same healthy food that you’re eating as parents, and the baby will do the rest. Continue reading

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Why I wanted cloth diapers instead of disposables

fuzzibunz cloth diapers

Fuzzibunz cloth diapers – aren’t they cute?

It’s not the most romantic of conversations to have with your fiance. “Honey, when we get married and have children, I want to use cloth diapers.”

Nevertheless, because I’m either extremely idealistic or a glutton for punishment (or maybe a mix of both), it had always been my goal to use them for my children.

It’s what my mom did for me, way before they were hip, and she used diaper pins instead of the handy-dandy snaps that come with today’s diapers (soooo much easier, and no risk of driving the pin into the fleshy part of one’s thumb!). So I really have no excuse for not using them. Continue reading

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